How to begin

It’s important for you to realise that it is not a cake walk to become an efficient digital illustrator. One has to indulge in brushing their talent as well as skills. Along this, having the right passion to create most captivating illustrations in the market is also significant. This is why it gets vital for the beginners to stay focused and on the correct path.

First thing that needs to be ensure by illustration’s enthusiasts is to have a good tablet. Not necessary that you straight away buy a top version, simply buying a basic version would also do. You can practice using all kinds of mechanics in the tablet and later buy a superior one for your use. Bigger tablets certainly offer more space for you to try your creativity. But at the initial level, it is more important for you have your hands on the correct strokes and then expand your platform of working.

In addition to this, if you are planning to be a digital illustrator, you must try to gain expertise in Photoshop too. This would strengthen your core and allow you to produce better illustrations on the tablets. Instead of Photoshop, you can go for some other editing software also to enhance your creative skills.

Also, try to learn the terminologies involved in this field. Attain great insight on the working of pixels, vectors and resolutions, and start working as digital illustrator like a pro.