Utilising different kinds of tools to create visuals and images and transform it with the help of an interface to receive digital display of the image is known as digital illustration. This job is typically done using a pointing device including a mouse or tablet or a mouse. This is a more illustrious form of art as compared to a computer-generated art form. This is because the computer-generated images arecreatedwith the help of mathematical models in a computer. These models are created by the artist only. Not only this, digital illustration is quite different from digital handling of photographs also.

The information sent in this type of drawing is absorbed as well as shown digitally on the medium of viewing. Different kinds of tools involved in the process of digital illustration include bitmap graphic tools as well as vector graphics applications. When it comes of bitmap, it is responsible for mentioning the precise colour shade of every pixel in a direct and column arrangement. On the other hand, vector graphics are dependent on algorithms to extract an image. The users can easily add helpful apps in their tablets to carry out perfect digital illustrations.