Pointing devices used

As Mice are not considered to produce exact and accurate results, this is why most of the illustrators believe that graphic tablets are much helpful for this task. This is because it lets the user to create a mark simply in whichever direction he or she wants to. Apart from having great movement flexibility, a high quality digital drawing tablet has a surface that is sensitive to pressure. This allows the user to create marks in a variety of forms such as broad, thin, faint and bold. All such variations are known to copy the old-styledry as well aswet media.

Once you have practiced for at least a week, only then your drawing would begin to appear natural on the digital drawing tablet. It would be better that the user makes use of a cross graphics tablet as the artist will be able to see clearly to place prefect strokes in the picture. However, only one disadvantage regarding this is that the hardware is costlier as compared to others.